Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate across Canada, affecting millions of individuals and their families and contributing to the ever-increasing health-care budgets across the country.

The Report on Diabetes includes the most recent data available on the risk and burden of diabetes in a specific province. The reports illustrate the experience of living with diabetes through the voice of those affected, or through those who care for someone with the disease. These stories provide a window into the successes and struggles experienced by many on a daily as they strive to live a healthy life with diabetes or help their loved ones live well with the disease. Each chapter offers provincial governments our recommendations on priorities that require urgent attention in order to bend the impact curve of diabetes in each province.

Download the 2017 Report on Diabetes in British Columbia

Download the 2016 Ontario Report on Diabetes

Download the 2016 Manitoba Report on Diabetes

Download the 2016 Newfoundland and Labrador Report on Diabetes

Download the 2016 Saskatchewan Report on Diabetes

Download the 2016 Prince Edward Island Report on Diabetes

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