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Camp Huronda’s Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) are designed to teach youth leadership lessons which are applicable to all areas of their life. By building self-esteem and confidence, learning about community service, and understanding group dynamics and team building, our youth will leave these programs ready to lead themselves and others through their transition from teenagers to young adults.

Camp Huronda offers two Leadership Development Programs. LDP1 is a two-week program, offered throughout the summer. And LDP2 is a one-month program, offered twice a summer. LDP1 is intended to be the first step of the now two-part Leadership Development Program, focusing on soft skills and laying the foundation for LDP2. It is catered both to participants who are interested in future employment with D-Camps and those who are simply looking for leadership and professional development opportunities.

Camp Life

Participants live in rustic cabins with their cabin mates and a leadership development instructor. Cabins are equipped with cots or bunk beds and bed-side dressers, a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors, and have emergency exits in the rear of the cabins. Each cabin has an area for blood glucose testing and low-supplies which are checked and replenished on a daily basis.

Washroom and shower facilities are located in buildings close to the cabins and campers have scheduled shower time every 48 hours. In addition to shower times, participants have the opportunity to swim almost every day.

Please feel free to send participants mail clearly labeled to this address. Please note that all packages and large mail are opened prior to delivery due to allergies and food content.

Parents and guardians may also email their participants at Please note that this is only an outgoing email service; campers are unable to reply to emails.


Location Details

Camp Huronda
1252 South Waseosa Lake Road
Huntsville, ON
P1H 2N4

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About the Camp



All LDP1 participants will take part in a two to three-night unique trip experience with an opportunity for further certifications.


All LDP2 participants will take part in a five or six-night out-trip in Algonquin Park. Under the supervision of a trip nurse and the leadership counsellors, participants will learn through experience the fundamentals of leading and facilitating wilderness experiences.

Throughout LDP2, participants will work on achieving the follow certifications:

  • Standard First Aid with CPR-C
  • Bronze Medallion/Cross
  • HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development
  • Entry to Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

The leadership out-trips will be more challenging than previous Camp Huronda out-trips. Participants are encouraged to check the LDP handbook for additional packing and prep information.

Our multi-day canoe trip planning, preparation, and participation satisfy the requirements for the practice journey component of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Ontario leadership weekend

Another leadership opportunity we offer through the year is our Ontario Leadership Weekend. While participants registered for any Leadership Development Program in the summer are welcome and encouraged to attend, the Ontario Leadership Weekend is open to all youth aged 15-18 who are living with type 1 diabetes.

The goal of the Ontario Leadership Weekend is to recognize that you’re going to face new challenges as you make the transition into adulthood. Whether you’re heading off to university or college in the next few years, taking on your first job, or planning a summer road trip with friends, let’s face it, type 1 diabetes is tagging along with you.

At the Ontario Leadership Weekend, you’re going to be hanging out with other young adults who understand, literally, the highs and lows of living with diabetes. Ever wonder where to put a pump on a prom dress? Worried about how to explain diabetes to a new roommate? We also know that the 3 D’s – drinking, dating, and driving – can all be made a bit more complicated when you throw diabetes into the mix.

The Ontario Leadership Weekend is like a mini-conference, all about diabetes. Listen to guest speakers who are not letting diabetes slow them down as they explore the world, talk to your peers about their thoughts and experiences, and get the chance to ask young adults living with diabetes how they are taking charge of their diabetes. But we’ll of course take breaks to take advantage of the many activities camp has to offer, like climbing the static course, doing archery, and night hiking across the beautiful property of Camp Huronda. Take a look through our Ontario Leadership Weekend Information Guide below!

Campers & Staff

Our participants

LDP1 is aimed at teens age 16, while LDP2 is aimed at teens age 17. Participants must be of the required age by the start date of the program. These programs both operate in conjunction with our overnight summer program.

Our staff

The Leadership Development Program is supervised by the Leadership Director as well as two leadership development counsellors per program.

Our program team all complete a comprehensive one-and-a half week of staff training as well as various assignments prior to camp. Staff provide 24-hour supervision and live in the cabins with participants.

Camp Huronda staff are all certified in Standard First Aid and CPR Level C, Bronze Cross assistant lifeguard certification and have a clear criminal background check. Staff working on the waterfront are National Lifesaving Society Lifeguards, Water Safety instructors, Ontario Recreational Canoe and Kayak Instructors, or have other relevant certifications. Our challenge course, out-trip and other skill area staff possess Advanced Wilderness First Aid certifications as well as Challenges Unlimited Ropes Course facilitator training.

Health-care team

Led by our medical director Dr. Trent Mizzi, the Camp Huronda medical leadership team is comprised of:

  • Dr. Karen McAssey (assistant medical director)

  • Amanda Coschi (nursing coordinator)

  • Andrea Martikainen (dietetic coordinator)

  • Two on-site physicians

  • Two medical residents/fellows

  • One nursing team lead

  • Eight nurses (including out-trip-specific nursing staff)

  • Eight camp aides

  • Two dietitians

  • Dietetic interns

  • Nutrition students


In the guide, you will find information on:

  • Packing lists
  • Directions and transportation for drop off and pick up
  • Mailing address

2023 Camp Guide

2023 Camp Huronda LDP Information Guide

Dates & Rates

LPD 1 Sessions (16 years of age)


Sessions Dates Rate
A June 30 - July 12, 2024 $2500
B July 14 - July 26, 2024 $2500
C July 29 - August 10, 2024 $2500
D August 12 - August 24, 2024 $2500



LPD 2 Sessions (17 years of age)


Sessions Dates Rate
A June 30 - July 26, 2024 $2700
B July 29 - August 24, 2024 $2700



Diabetes Canada offers subsidies to families who qualify for financial assistance. These subsidies are made possible through the generous support of various donors.

It is our responsibility to ensure that donations go to support families experiencing financial hardship that would make attending camp impossible. 

To determine eligibility for a subsidy, you will be asked to complete a financial assistance application. When reviewing applications, income will not be the only consideration in whether an applicant qualifies for subsidy. Our goal is to ensure that all campers have an opportunity regardless of their financial situation while using donations as prudently as possible.

Who is eligible for financial support?

You may be eligible for a subsidy if you:

  1. Receive financial assistance from an identified government program, OR
  2. Experience financial hardship and do not receive government financial assistance.


What does financial hardship mean?

Financial hardship means that a person has difficulty paying for basic daily living expenses (e.g. food, shelter, clothing), and does not have access to savings or other financial resources. 

Note: Supporting documents will be required to determine eligibility. Please be prepared to provide a copy of your paystub, T4 or Notice of Assessment to accompany your application. 

Important to Note: 
To ensure that we are providing equitable access to financial assistance we will not be able to consider you request until you have completed the financial assistance application form in full. This includes the requested supporting documents.