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Framework for Diabetes in Canada

It's time to fund the Diabetes Framework

In October 2022 - for the first time in well over a decade - the diabetes community celebrated a milestone moment when Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos tabled the Diabetes Framework—an important and welcome step in the journey to End Diabetes.  

What are the next steps? All levels of government need to begin to fund and implement this Framework with concrete and measurable initiatives in 2023 Budget commitments.   

Our plan for the Diabetes Framework will help improve the lives of people with diabetes and reduce the growing burden on our healthcare system. It includes 5 key elements:  

1. Adequate Resources

Fund innovative models such as cost sharing, matched funding programs, and public/private partnerships to ensure provinces, territories, communities, and all relevant stakeholders have opportunities and support to build capacity and improve access to services, medications, and devices for people affected by diabetes.  

2. Measurable Progress

Create and fund a multi-sectoral oversight body to convene key leaders and commit stakeholders to action, develop performance indicators, share best practices, and measure and report on the progress of the Framework for Diabetes elements annually against key principles, such as health equity and scalability to other chronic diseases.

3. Comprehensive Data

Scale up and expand current data sources and increase data sharing and coordination through new data connection points that will improve health outcomes for people with diabetes.

4. Inclusive Education

Fund and support culturally appropriate, inclusive, and evidence-based education programs and knowledge transfer programs that focus on management and preventive measures using patient-focused training to address stigma and health inequities faced by those with diabetes.

5. Research

Continue to fund creative models of impactful research for all types of diabetes (type 1, type 2 diabetes, gestational, and prediabetes), diabetes management, the impact of health inequalities, and the impact of diabetes on equity-seeking communities.

Right now, more than $50 million dollars is spent every day on health care to treat diabetes and related complications. Diabetes and prediabetes take a lifelong toll on more than 11.7 million people in Canada. It’s time to fund and implement the Diabetes Framework that Canada needs in order to improve care, drive innovation, and make measurable progress to improve the lives of people living with diabetes.

Share your support for a comprehensive Diabetes Framework on social media to help encourage government action! Simply copy and paste the message below and share it from your profile.

I support @DiabetesCanada & urge all governments to turn policy into action with concrete budget commitments to fund the Framework. It adds up to millions of lives & billions of taxpayer dollars saved.  #FundtheFramework #cdnpoli #cdnhealth 

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