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Healthy eating

Healthy eating tips from Diabetes Canada

We know that healthy living begins with healthy eating. One size does not fit all, however, and this is especially true for people affected by diabetes. Healthy eating practices are especially important when taking action to improve your quality of life, so let’s explore some ideas around how you can prioritize healthy eating and commit to your personal health.

Be sure to check here regularly for updates and more tips on how to continue to improve your eating habits and plan for healthy eating. As always, be sure to consult your doctor, certified diabetes educator (CDE), nutritionist and/or dietitian before making any changes to your diet or introducing a new eating pattern!

Some healthy eating practices for people impacted by diabetes:

The road to healthy eating patterns is different for everyone, and there is no one set way to do it. Your body has specific requirements, and only you and your medical team can figure out what’s right for you. As a baseline, a consistently good, healthy eating routine will:

  • help manage your blood glucose (sugar)
  • work to manage your weight
  • help regulate your blood pressure level
  • focus on healthy cholesterol levels
  • help reduce the risk of diabetes complications like stroke or heart attack

A registered dietitian can provide more specific advice and help you plan your meals in order to achieve your personal goals. In the meantime, here’s some basic meal planning information. 

Planning for healthy eating

Food is the key to managing diabetes and reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other complications. There are many things you can do to change or improve your diet, but it’s important to avoid trying to change too many things at once.

Use the information at the link below to pick one or two things you can do today to help you plan for healthier meals. Once you feel comfortable with the new changes, try another healthy eating tip.

Healthy eating starts with meal planning

Learn more about basic meal planning with this helpful resource.

Making healthy food choices

Learn to make healthier food choices with helpful tools and resources from Diabetes Canada.

Contact us for support

For more information, support and to help you find diabetes services in your area.

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