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Funding accountability

Today, 11 million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes, and by 2027 that number will soar to 14 million.

Diabetes is an epidemic.

To address this growing health crisis, we have shifted our focus from interventions at an individual level to interventions that will impact all Canadians, at a population level, now and for generations to come.

Your donations are hard at work.

As we work to achieve population impact, we are focusing on initiatives that directly affect more people, such as advocating for public policies that make the healthy choice the easy choice. We are increasing Canadians’ understanding and awareness of diabetes and its causes. We are accelerating our search for a cure by funding innovative research. And, we are using digital technologies to place evidence-based tools directly into the hands of even more health-care providers.

Together with our dedicated staff, leading experts in diabetes prevention, management and care, and world-class researchers fighting for a cure – we will End Diabetes.

With your generous support, we are having a powerful impact. We are and will continue to fund critical diabetes research, run medically supervised diabetes camps for children and youth, promote risk reduction, support excellence in diabetes care, and challenge public policies.

Together, we will improve care and advance diabetes research; raise awareness of type 1 and type 2 diabetes; we will prevent, care, and find a cure for diabetes.

In 1921, Canada changed diabetes for the world. By 2021, we will change the world for those affected by diabetes by maximizing the impact we make, together.

Join us.

How your donations help

64% of expenses to programs

$5.1M+ to research in 2018

1900+ kids and their families attended camp

Annual reports

Discover how we have been working to meet the needs of those affected by diabetes and improve the health of all Canadians. Our Annual Reports give us the opportunity to report to you, the people who support us and make our work possible.


Our leadership team and employees across Canada are held accountable to a national volunteer board of directors. The board’s responsibilities include governance, leadership, public accountability, establishing our nation-wide priorities and acting as trustees on behalf of Canadians.