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Research strategy

Diabetes Canada began developing a new strategy in March 2023 with the goal of not only increasing how much research we support but also maximizing progress towards our goal to End Diabetes. We consulted the diabetes community, including researchers, healthcare providers, people living with diabetes, advocacy volunteers, and other Diabetes Canada stakeholders.

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For nearly 50 years, Diabetes Canada has been proud to support diabetes research in Canada,  
contributing to countless important discoveries that have improved the lives of people living with the condition—from new technologies like the artificial pancreas, to new type 2 diabetes management drugs, to stem cell treatments that show much promise towards a cure for type 1 diabetes. Since 1975, we have invested more than $160 million in research to help end diabetes. 


Guided by our vision of a world free of the effects of diabetes, Diabetes Canada supports innovative research in two interconnected ways:  

  1. By advancing knowledge and solutions that address the issues and challenges identified by the diabetes community in Canada; and  
  2. By strengthening capacity to conduct relevant and impactful diabetes research in Canada.  

Diabetes Canada aspires to award $60 million in new research funding by 2029 through four research programs:  
Diabetes Canada strives to be a key partner to the diabetes research community—and the next generation of researchers—by contributing to their ongoing success.    

We will continue to be the trusted resource for the latest diabetes research in Canada, connecting leading scientists and clinicians in the diabetes field with people living with the complex condition, demonstrating real-world impacts of innovations and breakthroughs.  
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Aspire to end diabetes

Support research in prevention and treatments that improve quality of life, enhance access to care, and uncover breakthroughs to End Diabetes. 


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Centre on people with diabetes  

Improve the lives of people living with or at risk of diabetes and incorporate lived experience perspectives into the research we support. 


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Recognize the complexities 

Fund research recognizing that the causes and management of diabetes are complex, and include biological, environmental, social, and other determinants of health. 


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Collaborate with the diabetes community  

Engage the community of researchers, clinicians, scientists, and people with lived experience and foster partnerships with other organizations. 


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Drive impact from donor support 

Maximize the research progress enabled by donor support by leveraging funds and prioritizing evaluation.  



Research strategy

Our goal is to increase how much research we support towards ending diabetes.

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