Project name

Role of exercise-induced molecule secretion in type 2 diabetes

Institutions involved

Hôpital Montfort, University of Ottawa, Université de Sherbrooke

Investgators involved

Céline Aguer PhD, Denis Prud'homme MD/PhD, Klaus Klarskov PhD

Funding source

Société Francophone du Diabète and Institut du Savoir Montfort

Brief abstract of project and relevance 

During exercise, muscle secretes molecules named myokines. Patients with diabetes produce different myokines than healthy individuals. However, the involvement of these myokines in the development of diabetes is not understood. Our research aims to better understand the role of these myokines in the development of diabetes. Our ultimate goal is to identify drug targets regulating the secretion of these myokines as a new therapy to improve the condition of people with diabetes.

Inclusion criteria

  • Aged between 40-65 years old
  • Men and women in the 3 following groups: (1) Healthy with a body mass index below 25, (2) healthy with a BMI above 30, (3) with type 2 diabetes and BMI above 30 
  • Participants with type 2 diabetes will have an HbA1c < 9% and won't be treated with insulin

Ethical approval

Hôpital Montfort (CA-04-09-13), University of Ottawa (H08-14-07) and Université de Sherbrooke (14-138)

Project start date

October 1, 2016

Project end date

December 16, 2019

Contact information

Hamdi Jaafar


Telephone: (613) 746-4621, ext. 6071

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