Healthy Eating
December 10, 2018 By Alyssa Schwartz
Savour the flavour

Eating healthier does not mean your meals have to be bland and ho-hum. There is a secret weapon for flavour: dried herbs and spices. “They can provide an abundance of flavour to food and offer beneficial nutrients,” says Stephanie Boutette, a registered dietitian and education coordinator with Diabetes Canada.

An added benefit? “Herbs and spices—whether fresh, frozen, or dried—have little or no calories or fat, and offer flavour to your dishes without adding sodium,” Boutette says. That means you can get away with using less salt and fat. These two things are commonly added to recipes to increase flavour and satisfaction, but using too much can lead to weight gain and high blood pressure, which for people with diabetes—who already have a greater risk of stroke and heart disease—can increase the risk of complications even further.

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