2016 Diabetes Webinars Series 3

Minding Your Medications

Looking for more support on managing your medications well? Consultant pharmacist Freda Leung shares the top five tips on managing your meds to live well with diabetes in this webinar.

How Much is Enough?

What is mindful eating and how much of each food group is enough? Registered dietitian Erin Krusky explains how to be a mindful eater and provides tips on managing portion sizes.

The Exercise Solution

Struggling to find exercises that fit your lifestyle? Professor Dr. Jonathan Little shares the top exercise tips to fit into your everyday routine.

Your Eyes Matter

Unsure of how to care for your eyes? Optometrist Dr. Bryan Friedmann explains the importance of caring for your eyes to prevent and manage diabetic retinopathy.

End Diabetes... with Research

What are the newest advances in diabetes research? Diabetes Canada’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jan Hux shares the most recent successes in research and gives us insight of what’s to come.

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