2016 Diabetes Webinars Series 1

Is Sugar to Blame?

The role of sugars in the development of diabetes and its related complications is complicated. In this webinar, Dr. John Sievenpiper talks about the relationship between sugar and diabetes, and how sugar from different food sources behaves.

Ignite Your Motivation: Your Guide to Staying on Track with Diabetes

Feeling unmotivated? You’re not alone. In this webinar, health coach Alison Toron shares tips for staying motivated and reaching your diabetes wellness goals.

Pulses: A New Superfood?

2016 is the International Year of Pulses! In this webinar, certified diabetes educator Sarah Blunden talks about how a diet rich in pulses, such as dry beans and lentils, can help you better manage your diabetes.

Taking a Step Forward: Preventing & Managing Foot Problems

Taking care of your feet is critical in diabetes management. In this webinar, chiropodist Teresa Salzmann talks about how footwear, physical activity and healthy eating can all contribute to maintaining healthy feet.

Diabetes, Sexual Health & You

Sexual problems can be difficult to discuss. In this webinar, Dr. Adam Millar talks about how diabetes can affect your sexual health and the treatment options available.

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