It is the purpose of the award to recognize an individual, not-for-profit organization, group, corporation or government department that has significantly contributed to either preventing diabetes and chronic disease in Canada, or to improving the quality of life of individuals affected by diabetes nationwide. This Award is to be given out selectively (perhaps not annually) and will be awarded only at the National level. There will not be a Regional equivalent. It is the intent of this award to recognize a significant contribution to diabetes that may not fall within the scope of some of the other awards. The following type of work may be recognized through this award:

  • a retailer or restaurant chain positioning healthy choices prominently
  • an individual who has contributed significantly to the work of Diabetes Canada, or to the management or prevention of diabetes outside of Diabetes Canada
  • corporations who support workers who are affected by diabetes.


  • The work of the individual or group receiving this award should have an impact on a large population base. It does not have to have national scope, but should impact a great number of people.
  • The recipient can be an individual, a not-for-profit organization, a corporation or government department.
  • The initiative may or may not be directly related to diabetes, as an initiative to increase the health status of the population (improve fitness levels, food choices or socio-economic conditions) would be worthy of consideration.
  • If the recipient is a corporation, it is not to be awarded for funding into Diabetes Canada, but rather for other work that either prevents diabetes and chronic disease, or assists with the management of diabetes or chronic disease in general. Significant funding contributions can be channeled through the Outstanding National Corporate Award.

Nomination Process

Nominations will be called from Areas, Regional Leadership Centres, Branches, Professional Sections and the National Office. ALL NOMINATIONS FOR NATIONAL AWARDS SUBMITTED BY THE REGIONS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE APPROPRIATE AREA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Approval Process

The decision to grant awards is subject to the discretion of the National Awards Committee. The committee reserves the right not to grant certain awards in any given year if suitable nominees or recipients are not identified.

Group / Individual

Awarded to a group or individual

Number Awarded

1 per year

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