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Lifetime achievement award

The Professional Section of Diabetes Canada established the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 for the purpose of recognizing Canadian achievement for a lifetime commitment to research excellence. The award is bestowed upon a prominent Canadian MD or PhD medical scientist who is recognized and nominated by his/her peers for longstanding contribution to the Canadian diabetes community and a leader in diabetes research. The award consists of a personalized plaque, a cash award and travel and accommodation to attend the presentation ceremony.

The significance of the award is recognized by special lecture delivered by the distinguished award recipient.

Nomination form

Submit nominations using the online form

Past award recipients

Year Recipient
2023 Dr. Bruce Verchere
2021 Dr. Mary-Ellen Harper
2020 Dr. Patricia Brubaker
2019 Dr. I George Fantus
2018 Dr. James Shapiro
2017 Dr. Jean-Louis Chiasson
2016 Dr. Lawrence Leiter
2015 Dr. Barry I. Posner
2014 Dr. Errol B. Marliss
2013 Dr. Denis Daneman
2012 Dr. Hertzel Gerstein
2011 Dr. George Steiner
2010 Raymond V. Rajotte
2009 Dr. Bernard Zinman
2008 Dr. John Dupré
2007 Dr. Mladen Vranic


A nominee must:

  • Be an MD or PhD who is either a Canadian citizen or resident of Canada;
  • Have demonstrated career commitment to new knowledge and discovery in diabetes research and;
  • Have contributed significantly to the Canadian diabetes community through the commitment of time, skill and/or wisdom

Nomination procedure

A nomination must:

  • Be made by two members of the professional section of Diabetes Canada and/or The National Research Council;
  • Be made through the online nomination form, including uploading the nominee's current CV and a minimum of two letters of support outlining the suitability of the nominee for the award; and
  • Nominations will stand for three years

Selection process

Nominations will be reviewed by Diabetes Canada's National Research Council. The National Research Council consists of scientific experts across the country who represent the four pillars of research and are active researchers within the diabetes community.

Deadline for nominations

Nominations must be submitted online using the online nomination form by July 7, 2023.  

In the event that no suitable nomination is made, the award will be deferred for this year.

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