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Please watch Karen’s story to see why your gift matters

Supporting research is the only hope to End Diabetes

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Right now, diabetes complications are behind one in ten Canadian deaths – and every three minutes another Canadian is diagnosed. With so many lives at stake, we need you to help propel research forward, fight the growing epidemic and prevent devastating complications. 

One of the most promising avenues of research has been engineering the artificial pancreas. In the last 50 years this device has gone from the size of a backpack down to a portable, cellphone-sized device. It’s because of your support that we have been able to continually improve this innovative technology. At this point, we are now one step away from a fully automated three-hormone system that would eliminate the need for user input and give back the freedom to those living with diabetes.

But we need your support to help make this freedom a reality.

Join key Diabetes Canada supporters and End Diabetes by supporting groundbreaking research today.

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