Say YES to a Diabetes Charter for Canada!

The Charter presents a common vision: all people living with diabetes in Canada should be given the opportunity to optimally manage their diabetes and achieve their full health potential through comparable access to needed care and support. Sign the Charter below and show your support now!

Dites OUI à une Charte du diabète pour le Canada!

La Charte présente une vision commune: toutes les personnes qui vivent avec le diabète au Canada devraient avoir la possibilité de prendre en charge leur maladie de façon optimale et d’exploiter tout leur potentiel de santé grâce à un accès comparable aux soins et aux soutiens qui leur sont nécessaires. Signez la Charte ci-dessous et montrez votre soutien maintenant!

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About the Diabetes Charter for Canada

What is a Charter?

Health and patient charters exist in approximately two dozen countries, including Canada. They describe the rights and responsibilities of a specific population and serve to drive improvements in programs and the delivery of health services. Charters are documents that outline expectations and obligations that are important to people requiring care. They may be used to persuade governments, regulators, and others to provide needed health and support services.

Patient group charters are not legal documents in the same way as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (i.e., for use in court to gain access to something previously denied). However, with the support of advocates, allied organizations and key government officials, they can have a significant impact.

What is the Diabetes Charter for Canada?

People with diabetes can experience challenges in all aspects of their life specifically related to their disease, which can be addressed through appropriate support by governments and other diabetes stakeholders. The Diabetes Charter for Canada (the Charter) provides statements that clearly outline what people with diabetes can and should expect from themselves and others in the diabetes community. The document confirms the rights and responsibilities of people living with diabetes, governments, service providers, employers, schools, preschools and daycare as well as Diabetes Canada.

It is hoped that, over time, the principles and values promoted within the Charter concerning diabetes prevention management, support and care will become the ‘new standard’ for people living with diabetes.

The Diabetes Charter for Canada was informed by:

  • A literature review and environmental scan of international and Canadian patient charters;
  • Workshops for Diabetes Canada’s National Advocacy Council and the 2012 NAGM delegates;
  • Consultation with an expert panel to develop background information for regional workshops across the country;
  • Four regional workshops held in June 2013, which brought together people with diabetes, health providers, and government representatives to generate discussion on the identified themes and rights and responsibilities of the diabetes community. A distilled list of rights and responsibilities emerged from a qualitative analysis of the workshops; and,
  • A survey completed by advocates who were unable to attend the regional workshops, including Diabetes Canada members, volunteers, clinicians, educators, and other stakeholders.

Specifically the Charter can and will:

  • Be used as an advocacy tool to speak to policy makers and promote optimal care for people living with diabetes;
  • Increase awareness through stimulating dialogue about issues important to people with diabetes;
  • Provide focus for the enhancements of supports for people living with diabetes;
  • Through increased dialogue, highlight public policy concerns that impact the self-management of people living with diabetes (e.g. poverty, food security and food environment); and,
  • Be supported by indicators to assess and report on the quality and accessibility of:
    • diabetes care;
    • diabetes education, programs and services; and,
    • medications and other supports.

These indicators will enable the reporting of performance of all jurisdictions concerning diabetes.

The Charter is a grassroots advocacy tool. Diabetes Canada will work with people with diabetes and other members of the diabetes community toward actualizing the principles and values within the Charter.

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