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Help End Diabetes and bring hope to more parents like Tracy

Not a day goes by that Tracy doesn’t worry for her son Mark.

Diagnosed with diabetes as a child, he’s faced complications including being hospitalized for dangerously low blood sugar levels. Tracy dreams of a cure for diabetes. 

Right now, 1 in 3 Canadians live with diabetes or prediabetes. For many, diabetes leads to serious complications including heart attacks, blindness, and loss of limbs. In the 100 years since the discovery of insulin, management of diabetes has improved — but insulin is not a cure, and we don’t have another 100 years to wait.

Help End Diabetes for families like Tracy’s when you support life-saving diabetes research this holiday season. 

We can’t wait another 100 years to End Diabetes.

You can make a life-saving impact this holiday season and get us closer to a cure.

Making the day-to-day easier

Until we have the cure we all long for, Diabetes Canada researchers like Dr. Bruce Perkins are working hard to restore quality of life for people living with diabetes.

His “open loop” artificial pancreas system reduces the risk of diabetes complications by allowing the wearer to adjust insulin delivery based on their current blood glucose levels and carbs to be consumed. These are the kinds of advances to End Diabetes that your support of Diabetes Canada makes possible when you fund the best and brightest researchers.