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Meal planning

Find the perfect 7-day meal plan for you

Managing your diet is important when you live with diabetes. Explore our plans, which are designed to help you enjoy delicious meals that meet your dietary needs. 

Meal planning is as individual as you are. Be sure to consult your doctor and other members of your diabetes care team, such as your certified diabetes educator (CDE), nutritionist or dietitian, before making any changes to your current plan. For general meal planning tips, learn more here

Enjoy our 7-day meal plans

7-day healthy meal plan

Try a diabetes-friendly customized meal plan designed to promote balanced nutrition without compromising on taste. This plan is designed to help regulate blood sugar levels, incorporating a variety of wholesome ingredients and portion sizes. 

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7-day vegan healthy meal plan

This plan features diabetes-friendly foods, including low-glycemic-index carbohydrates such as oats and pulses, and healthy fats like canola oil.

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7-day gestational diabetes healthy meal plan

This plan, which is nutritionally balanced and delicious, is designed to support you during your pregnancy.  

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7-day Mediterranean healthy meal plan

This plan is based on the Mediterranean meal pattern which focuses on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and lean proteins such as fish.

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7-day Chinese healthy meal plan

Traditional Chinese dishes are part of this plan, as well as some non-traditional options and snacks.

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7-day gluten-free healthy meal plan

A gluten-free diet provides benefits for some people with diabetes and celiac disease or gluten intolerance. The carbohydrates in this plan are balanced throughout each day.

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7-day low-carbohydrate healthy meal plan

This plan features healthy plant-based foods, low-glycemic-index carbohydrates, and less than 130 grams carbohydrates per day.  

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7-day dairy-free healthy meal plan

This plan includes plenty of non-dairy calcium-rich foods and ones that are diabetes-friendly, too.

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7-day South Asian healthy meal plan

These delicious and healthy meals include dishes from various South Asian kitchens.

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7-day Caribbean healthy meal plan

These delicious and healthy meals feature dishes from various Caribbean kitchens. 

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7-day vegetarian healthy meal plan

This plan features diabetes-friendly foods like low-glycemic-index carbohydrates such as oats, and healthy fats like canola oil.

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Whether you're following a vegan lifestyle, managing gestational diabetes or craving Mediterranean flavours, we have a 7-day healthy meal plan you’ll love.

How our 7-day meal plans work

Using our meal planning tool is simple:

  1. Select your plan: Choose from one of our 11 options. 
  2. Explore your plan: Click on your chosen plan for detailed information, recipes and shopping lists. 
  3. Get started: Begin your journey to better diabetes management with a week of delicious balanced meals. 

Basic meal planning

Start your journey to better diabetes management with these essential meal planning tips.

Making healthy food choices

Learn to make healthier food choices with helpful tools and resources from Diabetes Canada.

Diabetes-friendly recipes

You don't need to have diabetes to enjoy our recipes—anyone can enjoy these! Each recipe includes the amount of carbohydrate, sugar, fat, sodium and calories in each serving.

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