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Gestational diabetes diet

For a healthy tomorrow, take good care of your GDM today.

Choosing a healthy diet

Since your diet will impact you and your baby, it's important to find the right balance.

Start by asking your doctor for a referal to a registered dietician for guidance. It's also good to eat low-glycemix index foods (e.g. whole grains, legumes). To keep your blood sugar as stable as possible, spread your eating over 3 meals and 2-3 snacks.

Achieving normal pregnancy weight gain

The amount of weight you gain during pregnancy will vary depending on your weight before your pregnancy. Althought weight loss is good for people with type 2 diabetes, weight loss is not recommended for pregnant women. Talk to your health-care provider to determine the appropriate weight gain for your body.

Being physically active

Regular physical activity can help control your blood sugar levels. It can also help you:

  • boost your energy
  • sleep better
  • reduce stress
  • reduce pregnancy discomfort
  • prepare for childbirth

Talk to your health-care provider about the right type and amount of activity for you before, during and after pregnancy. Aim to get 20-30 minutes of activity on most days at any time of day or walk for 10 minutes after each meal. Examples physical activity include household chores, playtime with other children and walking to get groceries. Check with your health care provider (Obstetrician) first before exercising.

Checking your blood sugar at home

Checking and tracking your blood sugar with a blood glucose meter will help you and your health-care team manage your gestational diabetes. You may also take medication, if needed.

Sometimes healthy eating and physical activity are not enough to manage blood sugar levels, so your health-care provider may recommend insulin injections or pills for the duration of your pregnancy. Medication will help keep your blood sugar level within your target range. This will help to keep you and your baby in good health.

Your health-care team can answer your questions and support you through this important time in your life. But remember, the most important member of your health-care team is you!

Making healthy food choices

Learn to make healthier food choices with helpful tools and resources from Diabetes Canada.

Diabetes-friendly recipes

You don't need to have diabetes to enjoy our recipes—anyone can enjoy these! Each recipe includes the amount of carbohydrate, sugar, fat, sodium and calories in each serving.

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