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Taking care of your mental health

Living with diabetes can feel like a burden and can cause anxiety, with the constant demands taking a toll on your mental health. As a result, you may experience diabetes distress, low moods and levels of anxiety that can make it hard to function. You may feel angry, guilty, frightened, discouraged, depressed or lose motivation.

People living with diabetes are at greater risk of mental illness. Depression is more common compared to the general population. Mental health disorders can affect your ability to cope with and care for your diabetes. It is just as important to look after your mental health as it is your physical health.

While we recommend that you reach out to your healthcare team regarding any mental health concerns, our resources and videos might be helpful in developing some coping mechanisms and helping you understand what you are feeling and experiencing.

Stress & its impact on wellbeing


Managing diabetes distress


The emotional side of diabetes: distress, burnout & self-advocacy


Taking care of your mental health with cognitive behavioural therapy


Dealing with a new diabetes diagnosis


Unpacking caregiving


Mental health video series

Want to empower yourself with vital insights and support? Check out Diabetes Canada's new mental health video series on YouTube and join us in prioritizing holistic wellness for those living with diabetes.

Additional resources

These articles contain info, tips and practices related to mental health and diabetes.

Diabetes Canada is pleased to offer a limited number of free registrations to access MindBeacon’s confidential guided CBT program for patients (age 16 years and older), thanks to an unrestricted grant from Sanofi Canada. Learn more and register now.

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