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Diabetes Canada welcomed news today from the Newfoundland and Labrador government for extending coverage for those currently enrolled in the provincial insulin pump program. The age restriction, which previously provided access to insulin pumps and supplies to people 25 or younger, will be lifted for those currently in the program to extend beyond the previous limit, and to those who are new to the program.

“This is an important next step in ensuring people with diabetes have the tools they need to better self-manage their diabetes," says Jake Reid, national director of government relations for Diabetes Canada. “We’re pleased the government is investing in the care and support of those currently enrolled in the publicly funded insulin pump program, but our hope is to see the program extended to all people living with diabetes over the age of 25 years old. Ultimately, we hope that initiatives like this form part of a provincial strategy to help end diabetes and it’s complications.”

Insulin pumps are an alternative technology to multiple daily insulin injections. The small, portable, programmable insulin pumps deliver fast-acting insulin through plastic tubing connected to a discreet insertion site on the body. People living with diabetes are at high-risk of developing long-term complications such as kidney failure, heart attack and limb amputation. For many people living with type 1 diabetes, switching from daily insulin injections to an insulin pump can offer better control of blood glucose (sugar) levels reducing the likelihood of developing serious complications.

Newfoundland and Labrador has approximately 182,000 people living with diabetes or prediabetes (or 33.3 per cent of the provincial population) and those numbers are expected to rise to 209,000 (37.3 per cent) by 2029—one of the highest prevalence rates of diabetes of any province in Canada, with people living with type 1 diabetes representing a smaller group. To help mitigate the alarming impact of all types of diabetes on families, employers, health care and the economy, Diabetes Canada recommends:

  • Investment into the development of a provincial diabetes strategy
  • Support for Diabetes 360°: A nation-wide strategy to prevent and manage diabetes

A provincial strategy, supported by a national strategy with the support of all provinces, could help to tackle the epidemic of diabetes, help allocate scarce resources and prioritize investments. Diabetes Canada will continue to meet with government and elected officials to work towards the implementation of a provincial diabetes strategy.

Those looking for more information about this government announcement, including eligibility requirements and applications for the insulin pump program, please visit the Department of Health website.

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