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The Government of Alberta announced that as of Aug. 1, 2022 changes will be made to its Insulin Pump Therapy Program (IPTP). There will be a transfer of coverage for insulin pumps and supplies and an amalgamation of supplementary health benefits and services provided by the government. Albertans living with diabetes, including those currently covered under the IPTP, will have access to diabetes medications, supplies, pump and rtCGM systems (for Albertans under age 18) under the Alberta government-sponsored benefits plans such as the Alberta Blue Cross Nongroup coverage program or the Alberta Blue Cross Coverage for Seniors program. Diabetes Canada appreciates the efforts of the Alberta government and others across Canada to improve and enhance care to people living with diabetes and insists that equitable access to diabetes management and care should be a top priority.

“Having access to options is important for people with diabetes and their health-care providers, and diabetes management decisions should always be individualized and informed by the best available evidence,” says Joan King, Director of Government Relations with Diabetes Canada. “It is also extremely important for individuals to have fair and equitable access to diabetes medications, supplies and devices and cost should not be a barrier to managing diabetes.”

Diabetes Canada is aware of the cost impact of increasing rates of diabetes treatment to the healthcare system, forcing governments to make decisions based on fiscal resources. Any changes made by governments to accessing treatment and care should not negatively impact those managing a complex chronic illness. If provinces agree to a coordinated approach based on the National Diabetes Framework (Diabetes 3600 Strategy) to diabetes care and management, costs are expected to be reduced.

Diabetes Canada has heard concerns from Albertans regarding the announcement and change in coverage; we will continue to seek clarity on the details and transition from the existing Insulin Pump Therapy Program and advocate for a reduction in the administrative burden of accessible public coverage of diabetes medications, devices, and supplies.

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