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To date, one Manitoba political party has released information related to diabetes and health-care in the wake of an election. Diabetes Canada looks to all parties for a commitment in tackling the diabetes epidemic. We welcomed the recent announcement from the Liberal Party of Manitoba to support Manitobans living with diabetes with plans to eliminate the current age restriction for public funding of insulin pumps as well as reinstate and expand the Life-Savings Drugs Program

“This is an important time to remind all political parties that diabetes rates are rapidly rising in Manitoba and we need a commitment to make diabetes a priority in the upcoming provincial election,” says Andrea Kwasnicki, regional director with Diabetes Canada.

Diabetes Canada has been urging all parties to commit to evidence-based measures that will help Manitobans live healthy lives and prevent or delay heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, amputation and blindness.  “Manitoba’s age restriction for insulin pumps makes it the most limiting program in the country, says Kwasnicki. Eliminating the age restriction for Manitobans with type 1 diabetes would mean immediate improvements in quality of life and long-term reductions of major, expensive complications.

“We need the tools so we can manage our diabetes and stay away from life-threatening complications and live a better quality of life,” says Manitoba resident Mitch Beauchemin, type 1 diabetes.

A considerable proportion of Canadians with diabetes, including those residing in Manitoba, cannot afford prescription medications and supplies. A person with diabetes may incur medical costs which are much higher than those of a person without diabetes.  Many people with diabetes are also managing costly complications, including cardiovascular and kidney disease.

Diabetes Canada urges all parties and candidates in the upcoming election to:

  1. Expand the insulin pump program to eligible Manitobans with type 1 diabetes, regardless of age. 
  2. Implement public coverage and timely access to medical devices that help treat diabetic foot ulcers and reduce the risk of amputation, as well as improving screening and footcare.
  3. Support Diabetes 360°:  A nation-wide strategy to prevent and manage diabetes.

Today, 386,000 Manitobans are living with diabetes or prediabetes; every hour one more Manitoban is diagnosed with the disease. Diabetes will cost Manitoba $137 million this year alone.

Author: Sherry Calder

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Region: Manitoba/Nunavut

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