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Diabetes Canada is pleased with the Alberta government announcement today about the addition of real-time continuous glucose monitors (rtCGM) for eligible Albertans under age18 years.  

“We welcome the announcement by the Alberta Government to publicly fund real-time continuous glucose monitors for eligible Albertans under the age of 18 years, “says Joan King, Director of Provincial Government Relations, West for Diabetes Canada. “However, this doesn’t go far enough. We urge the government to take action in the short-term to expand coverage to Albertans of all ages with diabetes to the glucose monitoring devices shown to benefit their management."

 Diabetes Canada’s policy statement on the reimbursement of intermittently-scanned and rtCGMs recommends people with diabetes have access to the monitoring systems that help improve their glycemic management and prevent life-threatening emergencies. These devices can give people with diabetes a more complete picture of their glucose management and can therefore better inform short and long-term treatment decisions and contribute to reducing the risk of developing the serious complications of diabetes.

"While coverage for those under 18 is an important step forward, I am very concerned about my adult patients that cannot afford this life-changing technology,” adds Dr. Roseanne Yeung, Associate Professor (Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism) and Medical Director at University of Alberta. “I ask the government to urgently reconsider coverage for adults, as I know that so many of my own patients would benefit tremendously from CGMs."

In Alberta, there are more than 400,000 people living with diabetes and prevalence is predicted to increase to over 570,000 cases in just 10 years. Diabetes costs the provincial health-care system $494 million, rising to $692 million by 2032.

We look forward to the opportunity to work alongside the Alberta government to help implement a fair and equitable reimbursement plan and ensure timely access of devices to those who are eligible and would benefit from rtCGM and isCGM technology.

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