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Looking for in-depth information on diabetes management? Look no further than Diabetes Deep Dives, our video series that goes beyond the surface to explore the burning questions you have about diabetes. Our engaging experts, who have knowledge or lived experience on the topic, provide practical tips and tools that you can easily use. Our goal is to share information in ways that will spark continued interest and learning and leave you with practical tips and tools that you can easily use. 

Video titles and description

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Episode 1 | Menopause and Diabetes

Dr. Alice Cheng explores the connection between Type 1 diabetes, menopause, and sexual health, including the influence of hormones on blood sugar levels, strategies for managing fluctuations, and options for symptom management. She also addresses additional health considerations during and after menopause, the impact of diabetes on sexual health, and available treatments for related issues.


Episode 2 | Diabetes Research

In this episode, Dr. Brandy Wicklow discusses diabetes research models, how individuals with diabetes can participate, and expectations as a research study participant. After watching, you will be able to identify research models, access resources for diabetes research, understand participation expectations and rights, and make informed decisions about getting involved in diabetes research.


Episode 3 | Carb Counting (Tips & Tricks)

On this episode of Diabetes Deep Dives, our guest speaker Gabrielle Schmid, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator who lives with Type 1 herself, will offer her practical advice on navigating counting carbs when enjoying your meals with different ingredients all mixed together.


Episode 4 | DIY Automated Insulin Delivery

In this episode, Dr. Ilana Halperin explains AID, its devices, and the concept of do-it-yourself AID. She also discusses highlights from an upcoming Diabetes Canada position statement on DIY AID, along with the associated research. After watching the video, viewers will understand the difference between commercial and DIY AID systems, the benefits and risks, and know where to find additional information on the topic.


Episode 5 | Exercise, Sport and Diabetes

In this episode, Chris Jarvis, a Former Canadian Olympian, discusses his journey in creating a practical guide to effectively manage diabetes during sports challenges. The episode covers various exercise types, their physiological effects, the advantages of exercise, diabetes management hurdles during training/competition, technological aids for exercise-related diabetes care, and how sports training can foster resilience against diabetes stigma.

These videos are for educational purposes only. The content discussed in this video is not intended to be medical advice and, to the extent that medical advice is required, you should consult with a qualified medical professional. The information discussed in this video cannot replace consultations with a qualified health-care professional to meet your individual medical needs.

The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Diabetes Canada.

Please take the opportunity to let us know what you learned, what you liked and how we can do better in the comment section on our Deep Dives YouTube videos. If you have ideas for other topics you’d like to learn more about, you can include that in your comments as well. Email us at or call our info-line at 1-800-Banting and speak to one of our information and support specialists who can address your needs. 

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