This award has been created by the Early Career Diabetes Physicians of Canada (ECDPC) Committee to acknowledge one resident from a Canadian residency training program for exemplary leadership and advocacy in the field of diabetes.

Nominees must:

  • demonstrate leadership and commitment to advocacy efforts for diabetes through specific actions and initiatives
  • bring about change that has the potential to result in positive, long-term improvement for those affected by diabetes

Also, nominees are encouraged to be members of the Professional Section of Diabetes Canada.

Nomination procedure

Nominations may be made by a Canadian physician, allied healthcare professional, or a member of the general public.

The nominator is responsible for coordinating the nomination and for providing one electronic copy of the following:

  • nomination letter detailing the nominee’s leadership activities and initiatives in the field of diabetes
  • two letters of recommendation (one each from the nominator and the seconder) indicating the reasons for submitting this particular nomination

Award presentation

The award will be presented at the Resident Clinical Vignettes and Research Projects awards presentation which is held in conjunction with the Diabetes Canada/CSEM Professional Conference and Annual Meetings.

Application deadline

The application deadline is August 31, 2016.  Please submit your nomination to:

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