Each year, Diabetes Canada funds some of Canada’s most renowned scientists and physicians in their fight against diabetes.

Take a closer look at some of our researchers and learn about what motivates them to focus their work on diabetes.

Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe: Home-based coaching and type 2 diabetes prevention in mothers

"Just because a program exists, doesn’t mean it will help behaviour change. The right program, flexible enough to meet the needs of these women, needed to be designed." — Dr. Lorraine Lipscombe

Dr. Lipscombe is studying an innovative home-based coaching program that may help prevent type 2 diabetes in mothers who had gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. Learn more about Dr. Lipscombe's research and why behavior change is key to long-term success.

Dr. Sylvie Lesage: Searching for a cure for type 1 diabetes

“It is an incredible feeling to test new hypotheses, enter unknown territory, and think that these experiments could better help explain the world we live in.” — Dr. Sylvie Lesage

Why does type 1 diabetes happen? This is the question that motivates Dr. Lesage to get out of her bed and into the lab every morning. Learn more about Dr. Lesage's research into why immune system cells mistakenly attack the body’s own cells and if this process can be stopped.

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