Diabetes Canada understands the funding of diabetes research is a crucial step in providing medical advances. Although Diabetes Canada-funded research is diverse in its scope, covering a broad range of specialties, the key aspects of every study and researcher remain the same – to improve the quality of life of people living with diabetes and to find a cure. All Diabetes Canada-funded research is administered through the Charles H. Best Research Fund.

A man looking concerned about his diabetes complications

Complications Research

We're finding new ways to prevent and treat diabetes complications.

DNA strands

Genetics Research

Genetics research helps us gather information to diagnose, treat, prevent and eventually cure diabetes.

Woman measuring a person's waistline

Obesity Research

Many of our researchers are studying obesity and how it relates to diabetes.

Skeleton anatomy

Pathophysiology Research

By looking at cells and molecules, pathophysiology research helps figure out how and why diabetes develops.

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Prevention & Management Research

Research that focuses on the prevention and management of diabetes can help prevent and reduce risks.

A researcher looking for a new diabetes treatment

New Treatments Research

Our researchers are searching high-and-low for new and more effective treatment options.

Charles H. Best

Charles H. Best Research Fund

We are proud to be a leading supporter of diabetes research in Canada since 1975.

Research Partnerships

Research Partnerships

Diabetes Canada funds research partnerships that help us leverage our research funds (getting a bigger “bang” for our research “buck”).

Research Funding FAQ

Research Funding FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Diabetes Canada's research funding program.

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