Institutions involved

Mount Sinai Hospital

Investigators involved

Drs. Zinman and Retnakaran

Funding source

Novo Nordisk Canada

Inclusion criteria

  • Men or women between the ages of 30 and 75 inclusive with type 2 diabetes for 7 years or less. 
  • on no diabetes medication or oral diabetes medications only --HbA1c between 5.5% and 9% inclusive if on oral diabetes medications --HbA1c between 6.0% and 10% if on no diabetes medication

Brief abstract of project and relevance: In type 2 diabetes there is a progressive loss of function of the beta cells of the pancreas.  These are the cells that make and secrete insulin which is the hormone primarily responsible for controlling blood sugar.  In this study we want to assess if we are able to slow or reverse this from happening by using liraglutide (a new approved drug with beta-cell protective potential) vs placebo (an agent with no action) after a very short period of insulin therapy.  Since high levels of blood sugar contribute to the loss of beta cell function, it is necessary to first normalize the blood sugar levels using insulin before we can evaluate the beta cell function.  This study may demonstrate an important beta cell protective capacity of liraglutide.  (see above for action of liraglutide)

Rationale for posting

for recruitment

Ethical approval

Mount Sinai Hospital Research Ethics Board

Project start date

already underway

Project end date

approximately 1 year

Contact information

For more information please call Haysook Choi, Research Nurse at 416-586-8778 or or visit our website at

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