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Winter 2018

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Water activities are good for diabetes control

Photo of two women using hand weights in a swimming pool

Research offers a possible solution for those who find it hard to exercise.

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Helping teens with type 1 diabetes move to adult care

Photo of mother, and daughter and son

Strong support can make a positive difference to their lives and diabetes in future.

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Treatment improves the success of islet transplants

Illustration of a microscope and a pancreas

Study targets a new location under the skin.

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Less sleep in kids linked to type 2 diabetes

Image of little girl sleeping with her teddy bear

More naptime may help prevent the disease later in life.

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From isolated to confident: Life as a teen with type 1 diabetes

Photo of young smiling woman

By sharing her story, Oria James is helping create greater awareness about the disease.

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Research Brief

Treating diabetes from the inside out

Cartoon image of human with stomach organs showing

Dr. Herbert Gaisano’s research is about better treatment and prevention options.

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Diabetes through the ages (and stages of life)

Health-care professional pricking the finger of a young man with diabetes

When it comes to knowing what lies ahead, people who have walked the path before are sometimes the best source of knowledge and inspiration.

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Leaders in the fight to end diabetes

Group of people from Diabetes Canada and the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples

Meet people who are making a difference in the areas of research, education, and advocacy

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Nutrition Matters

Five reasons to eat fermented foods

Dish of fermented vegetables

Why we are undergoing a revival.

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On the Shelf

Party hearty—but healthy—in the New Year

Photo of almonds, and dip surrounded by raw vegetables

Healthy gatherings start with the host.

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Diabetes Canada volunteer awards

Image of different-colour stars

It is time to nominate that special individual or group in your community who has helped to improve the lives of people with diabetes.

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Fit Tip

Effective exercise strategies for people with type 2 diabetes

Man and woman enjoying a walk in the snow

The key is to be more active in a way that works for you.

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Know Your Rights

The gift of organ donation

Photo of doctor in front of medical equipment

Every year, this act of generosity means thousands of Canadians gain a new lease on life.

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