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July 2018

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Enjoy the summer

Image of Dr. Diane Donat, Editor-in-Chief

Here are a few things you should know.

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Breastfeeding lowers risk of type 2 diabetes in mothers

Woman holding her baby

Nursing cuts their rates for the disease in half.

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Protein predicts who will respond to eye treatment

Photo of man's face, showing one of his eyes

Research may lead to more personalized care.

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Study identifies more types of diabetes

Group of people of all ages

A new understanding could lead to more focused treatments.

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Kids at lower risk of DKA with regular health care

A doctor stands alongside a mother holding her baby

An early diagnosis of type 1 diabetes is key for avoiding this life-threatening condition.

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Marta Khan: No task too big or small

Two images of Marta Khan

This mother’s volunteering efforts grew along with her child.

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Research Brief

Getting to the heart of diabetes

Thomas Pulinilkunnil standing in his lab

Researcher aims to reduce heart disease in people with obesity and diabetes.

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Building confidence and more at camp

As head counsellor, Cataline Fric (far right) introduced young campers to the wonders of nature.

D-Camps give kids the skills they need to take responsibility for their diabetes management

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Skin care matters

Image of the back of a woman's bare legs and feets

Prevention and early detection make all the difference to healthy skin.

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Nutrition Matters

Summer meal makeovers

Image of a plate of shish kebabs, a plate of raw vegetables, and summer drinks

Use these simple hacks to enjoy your seasonal favourites.

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On the Shelf

Sugar substitutes

Image of different types of sugar

Are sugar stand-ins a better option for your health?

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Fit Tip

How to exercise safely in the summer heat

Cyclist drinks some water while on a break from riding

Continue to enjoy your favourite activities while following these precautions.

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Know Your Rights

Driving and diabetes: an update

Image of cars driving on the highway

Learn about your rights—and responsibilities—behind the wheel.

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