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May 2018

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A time of growth

Image of Dr. Diane Donat

Consider spring your opportunity to try something new.

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Diabetes + high blood pressure during pregnancy = risky combination

Pregnant woman holding her belly

Together, these two conditions raise health risks later in life.

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Seal oil shows promise in type 1 diabetes

Image of capsules filled with fish oil

Nerve fibres regrow with an omega-3 supplement.

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New stem cell treatment being tested

Image of researchers in the lab

A Vancouver man is the first to receive experimental therapy.

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Marker in blood may predict type 2 diabetes and heart disease

Image of blood cells

“Death receptors” can be a sign of tissue damage.

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Dr. Jean-Pierre Arseneau: Diabetes care trailblazer

Image of a group of multiracial people

This family physician targets community health, one patient at a time.

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Research Brief

Your bones & type 2 diabetes

Image of a person with a bandaged hand and wrist

Taking a closer look at how bariatric surgery can increase the risk of fractures.

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How do the diabetes guidelines speak to you?

Image of portraits of multiracial people

Expert contributors now include people who are living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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A little support can go a long way

Image of members of the Virtual Peer Network for youth with type 1 diabetes

Two programs offer a helping hand for youth with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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Nutrition Matters

Go east for good health

Image of a salad with chickpeas, onions, grains, parsley and tomatoes

Traditional Middle Eastern fare offers benefits similar to the Mediterranean diet.

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On the Shelf

Getting the skinny on healthy fats

Image of a ripe avocado cut in half

Make sense of all the different types.

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Fit Tip

Effective strategies for managing exercise in type 1 diabetes

Michael Riddell stands in front of people using equipment and being monitoring by others

Physical activity is important for everyone, but especially important for people with diabetes.

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Know Your Rights

Get your medical documents in order

Pharmacist Susie Jin treats of her clients

Get an expert’s tips on how to get organized for better health.

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