• Winter 2017

    Winter 2017

  • Autumn 2016

    Bagged salads can be a good shortcut to help with healthy eating. The key is to avoid a lot of fat and sodium. Find out how.

    Summer 2016
  • Summer 2016

    No nutrition info label? Do not let that stop you from finding the healthiest deli options. Find out how.

    Summer 2016
  • Spring 2016

    If you fill your bowl right, soup can offer some important nutritional benefits. Find out how.

    Spring 2016
  • Winter 2016

    Give your pizza a healthy, fresh twist. Find out how.

    Winter 2016
  • Autumn 2015

    How do you make muffins part of a nutritious breakfast? Start with a good mix of foods.

    Diabetes Dialogue Autumn 2015
  • Summer 2015

    If you are baffled by what to pack for lunch, check out some quick, easy and healthy lunch options. Learn more.

    Diabetes Dialogue Summer 2015
  • Spring 2015

    If you find yourself in a rush or on the go without a meal at the ready, a meal replacement drink might just be the answer.

    Diabetes Dialogue Spring 2015
  • Winter 2015

    Nutritious and delicious dips can be good for you and your meal plan.

    Diabetes Dialogue Winter 2015
  • Autumn 2014

    Once upon a time, a whole-grain side dish meant brown rice. But now we have lots of choices: barley, bulgur, whole-wheat couscous, kamut, quinoa, and more. Check it out!

    Diabetes Dialogue Autumn 2014
  • Summer 2014

    Can you have your gelato and enjoy it, too? Find out how to savour cool delights without compromising your health.

    Diabetes Dialogue Summer 2014
  • Spring 2014

    Who says living with diabetes means you can’t enjoy delicious snacks and the occasional treat?

    Diabetes Dialogue Spring 2014
  • Winter 2014

    Holiday appetizers present challenges, but planning ahead can keep you on track.

    Diabetes Dialogue Winter 2014
  • Autumn 2013

    A frozen entrée makes a quick and easy dinner, but how do you make it work for your meal plan?

    Diabetes Dialogue Autumn 2013
  • Summer 2013

    Yes, you can flip your burgers—if you read the labels and choose healthy toppings.

    Diabetes Dialogue Summer 2013
  • Spring 2013

    By making some healthy choices, you can enjoy pasta any night of the week.

    Diabetes Dialogue Spring 2013
  • Winter 2013

    Ready-made soup can be a handy and healthy addition to your meal plan—but beware of sky-high sodium.

    Diabetes Dialogue Winter 2013
  • Autumn 2012

    Cereal can be a great way to start the day; just be careful which one you choose.

    Diabetes Dialogue Autumn 2012