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  • Diabetes Current September 2015

    Take two minutes for our online type 2 risk test, find out how you can win a $5,000 travel voucher by donating your used clothing, and learn how you can protect your child from hypoglycemia.

  • Diabetes Current August 2015

    Summer is wrapping up, but that doesn't mean you have to start prepping for winter quite yet. Learn why getting active now is essential for your health, and take some tips on surviving the final days of BBQ season with your waistline in check.

  • Diabetes Current July 2015

    Summer is here with a fresh crop of Diabetes Current goodies! This month, check out our essential foot care tips, learn how you can enjoy pasta any night of the week, and have a laugh with our our latest roundup of crazy diabetes myths.

  • Diabetes Current June 2015

    Summer is here, so start things off with a sizzling look at 10 Things Only People With Diabetes Can Relate To. When you're done, take on Clothesline's 3lb Challenge. You'd be surprised just how easy it is to shed 3lbs for a great cause!

  • Diabetes Current May 2015

    Welcome the warm weather by boning up on our must-read snack facts, then whip up our delicious Mushroom Barley Pilaf with Poached Egg recipe!

  • Diabetes Current April 2015

    Spring is here, and now's your chance to get a fresh start on a healthier lifestyle. This month, learn about meal replacement drinks, dental health, and the potential benefits of probiotics.

  • Diabetes Current February 2015

    February may be short, but this month's newsletter is bigger than ever! Don't miss our examination of diabetes care in hospitals, the shocking reality of diabetes eating disorders, and an in-depth profile of Banting's days as a comic book hero.

    Hospital Care
  • Diabetes Current January 2015

    Ring in 2015 with a fascinating diabetes op-ed written by our very own chief science officer, Dr. Jan Hux. When you're done, get the scoop on a tasty Hummus recipe while boning up on Banting trivia and our latest Clothesline contest!

  • Diabetes Current December 2014

    Chill out with Diabetes Current this December, as we offer the top tips for winter running and a how-to guide to prepping easy peasey breakfasts.

    Healthy breakfast
  • Diabetes Current November 2014

    This month learn some easy tips for scheduling exercise into your daily routine, then prepare to be shocked by salt, when you discover the truth behind some surprisingly sodium-loaded everyday foods.


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