Diabetes Current February 2019

February, 2019

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In the News

New diabetes rates released with urgent plea for governments to implement national diabetes strategy

Nurse taking care of a child patient

Diabetes Canada released new 2019 figures that paint a grim picture of an epidemic affecting more people than ever across the country.

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Sean Shannon appointed President and CEO of National Diabetes Trust

Sean Shannon

“Canada has been a leader in the fight against diabetes, starting with the discovery of insulin to the present day rallying call to end diabetes and improve the lives of 11 million Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes. I am honoured to play a role in making a difference in the health and well-being of so many Canadians.”

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Canada’s new Food Guide provides evidence-based advice to help Canadians live healthy

The new Canada Food Guide

Diabetes Canada welcomes practical ways for Canadians to meet their nutrient needs.

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Enjoy the Diabetes Canada Podcast

Diabetes Canada Podcast logo, which features a microphone and a photo of Dr. Alice Cheng

Sex can be complicated when you have diabetes. In the latest episode of the podcast, Dr. Alice Cheng discusses sexual dysfunction, hypos, hormones, and the pump-on or pump-off decision. Listen on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify.

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Healthy Living

Try this month’s Healthy Living Calendar recipe

Pulled pork on a bed of lettuce and a tortilla

What’s the secret to this tasty Pulled Pork with Smoked Paprika-Lime Oil dish? A citrus oil of smoked paprika, lime and garlic and finished with a sprinkling of pungent cilantro.

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Effective exercise strategies for people with type 2 diabetes

Man and woman walking in the snow

"Exercise is as powerful a therapy as anything we can offer to people with type 2 diabetes——it’s as powerful in lowering blood glucose [sugar] as all of the drugs available," says Dr. Paul Oh.

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Getting the skinny on healthy fats

An avocado cut in half

If you are not a dietitian, getting the facts about dietary fats can feel like a challenge. For years, fat was blamed for obesity and heart disease; more recently, certain fats have actually been recommended as the key to weight loss, healthier cholesterol levels, and better health.

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Research in Progress

Young people with type 1 diabetes deal with stigma

Youth staring off with a sad look on his face

Many teens and young adults with type 1 diabetes experience stigma——feeling shame or embarrassment——about their disease. As a result, they do not take good care of their health, says a new study by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal, which found 380 participants using the social media channels of Diabetes Canada (which also supported the study), as well as diabetes clinics and organizations across the country.

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Support in Action

Decluttering is easier than ever!

Diabetes Canada clothing pickup truck

Now you can choose your preferred pickup date when you schedule your free home pickup online! Your donation of gently used clothing and goods helps us support 11 million Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes.

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