Diabetic foot ulcers are serious wounds that are common, debilitating and one of the most feared consequences of diabetes. Amputation prevention devices (known as Offloading devices) relieve pressure and are specialized products that help healing and reduce the risk of amputation.

Treating foot ulcers is associated with major costs to the health-care system; most of the costs are due to lengthy hospital stays. These costs can, in part, be mitigated through the increased use of offloading devices, such as total contact casts, custom braces and orthoses, to treat foot ulcers.

Diabetes Canada and Wounds Canada are working together along with other key patient and health care organizations, researchers and frontline clinicians in an effort to bring this urgent issue to the attention of governments. In addition to improved screening and foot care, government funding for these devices is recommended.

Diabetes Canada commissioned reports to assess the potential impact of public funding for these devices on the cost of care for diabetic foot ulcers.  Progress is happening. In 2017, the Government of Ontario announced $8 million in funding over three years for these specialized devices. For more information, read the reports:

Ontario report                                                     Infographic

British Columbia report                                   Infographic

Alberta report                                                     Infographic

Saskatchewan report                                       Infographic

Manitoba report                                                  Infographic

New Brunswick report                                      Infographic

Nova Scotia report                                             Infographic

Prince Edward Island report                            Infographic

Newfoundland and Labrador report               Infographic

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