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October 18, 2017 By Alyssa Schwartz
What’s in your child’s lunchbox?

For many kids, the biggest back-to-school anxieties are about teachers and friends, but for more than half of moms, it is school lunches. And no wonder: Good nutrition in childhood can reduce the risk of obesity and chronic disease now and in the future, and improve concentration, memory, and behaviour, which can set kids up for greater success at school. For parents of children with diabetes, a nutritiously balanced lunch that meets their child’s individual carbohydrate requirements is also an important way to keep blood sugar at target levels.

A lack of time and the challenge of coming up with fresh, interesting lunch ideas that appeal to picky eaters are just a few issues parents may face. Not surprisingly, makers of convenience lunch kits for children saw their opportunity. But just because these kits are easy does not mean they are the solution to the nutritious lunch challenge, says registered dietitian Stephanie Boutette, education coordinator with Diabetes Canada.

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What do you pack in your child’s lunch? Share your ideas.

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