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May 30, 2017 By Rosie Schwartz, RD
Eating well at work or play

Consider this: Fifty-eight per cent of workweek lunches are from quick-service restaurants. These oversized portions can throw off your blood sugar levels whether or not you have diabetes. Just as surprising, more than one-third of Canadians skip lunch completely, which can lower their productivity throughout the afternoon and lead to unhealthy food choices at night.

If you always buy lunch, how about making a change: Bring part of your lunch from home (such as a sandwich from leftovers), and then buy a salad while you are out on your noon break. Enjoy your favourite combinations, or try these tasty ideas from Marie Brown, a Halifax-based registered dietitian:

● Southwestern wrap: leftover chicken or turkey + avocado + lower-fat cheese + baby kale + tortilla

● Vegetarian bowl: leftover barley, rice, or quinoa + diced tomatoes + black beans + red onion + lime juice + hot sauce

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How do you eat well at work or play? Share your tips.

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