Healthy Eating
March 23, 2018 By Alyssa Schwartz
Can bagged salads help you eat healthily?

What one dish do you associate with healthy eating? A salad, perhaps? It is a great way to load up on vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre—and, depending on the toppings and dressings, without a lot of fat and sodium.

“Eating fruits and vegetables can help reduce your risk of heart disease, which is important for people with diabetes,” says Stephanie Boutette, a registered dietitian and education coordinator with Diabetes Canada. “Vegetables are also generally low-glycemic index foods, which can help with managing blood sugar levels.” Research also shows that starting a meal with a salad can help you feel fuller and consume fewer calories.

So why then do so few Canadians eat enough fruit and veg? There are a few reasons, including cost, the availability of fresh options, and salad prep time. This is where a bagged salad can come in handy.

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