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December 18, 2017 By Dan Blackwell
Top 10 Diabetes Pet Peeves

When was the last time somebody asked you which type of diabetes you have? If you can’t remember, you aren’t alone. Often people assume that there is only one type of diabetes. In reality, there are many misconceptions that plague people living with diabetes. That’s why we asked our Facebook fans about their biggest diabetes pet peeves. Here is our top 10 list. Some of their answers may surprise you, or make you laugh, but all of them come from everyday Canadians living with diabetes. Enjoy!

  1. “[When somebody says] ‘Oh, you want some food? Wait, there’s sugar. You can’t eat that!’ So irritating.” – Madison L.
  2. “How about the time I got stopped at the border and interrogated for having syringes in my purse. The guard pulled out my insulin and asked why it wasn’t in the fridge [as the directions on the packaging stated]. Hmmm…” – Jessica C.
  3. “The one that always gets me is, ‘Did you hear about this new magical herb? It will cure your diabetes.’ No. Just, no.” – Brandy B.
  4. “How about being told by a health-care worker that the only reason you have diabetes is due to the fact that you are overweight.” – Linda DN.
  5. “I was once told that open-heart surgery triggered the diabetes in my body!” – Calvin B.
  6. “I actually had a friend freak out on me when I was in a restaurant with a group of people and decided not to eat…I wish people would accept that timing as well as food options matter to a diabetic in terms of controlling [blood sugar] spikes, and just enjoy our company without the drama.” – Bar H.
  7.  “My daughter being told by classmates ‘You can’t eat sugar. Why are you eating sugar?’ Drives her nuts!” – Michelle M.
  8. “[When somebody says] can’t you just change her diet and feed her healthy food? Grrr. No, because she has type 1 diabetes.” – Mike W.
  9. “[When somebody says] it’s OK, she’ll grow out of it, right?” – Rebecca P.
  10. “Hmmm. So many to choose from! [When somebody says] that insulin cured diabetes, that my type 1 was caused by eating sugar as a child, that it’s a child’s disease…” – Sandy B.

What’s your diabetes pet peeve? Tell us.

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