In recognition of a long-standing Diabetes Canada Professional Section member’s contributions to improved quality of life for people affected by diabetes.


The Diabetes Canada Professional Section grants ONE honorary lifetime achievement award per year to recognize a Diabetes Canada Professional member whose long standing excellence in practice and significant volunteer contributions have improved the quality of life for people affected by diabetes.

The Award

Recipients of the Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award will receive a lifetime Diabetes Canada Professional Section membership along with a commemorative plaque presented at the Annual Section Meeting at the Diabetes Canada Professional Conference in October each year.


  • Has been an active Diabetes Canada Professional member for a minimum of 20 years
  • Has made outstanding contributions to improving the quality of life for people affected by diabetes through excellence in diabetes education, management and care, advocacy and volunteerism (Diabetes Canada activities); contributions may have been at the national, provincial, territorial or local level
  • Volunteer professional service as related to diabetes care
  • Has played a leadership role in Diabetes Canada activities, or other activities related to diabetes education
Note: Members of the Awards Committee and the Director of Professional Development  are not eligible to apply.

Nomination process


  • Applications must be typed or submitted in electronic format (i.e.: word document or pdf.).
  • Submit a head shot (high resolution jpgs (300 dpi) and 4 x 6 size)

Letters of Recommendation

Applications must include two letters of recommendation from (health-care professional, community, academic, clinical etc.) attesting to the specific attributes of the applicant.  The letter should include details of:

  • How you know the applicant and for how long
  • A description of the individual’s volunteer activities as they relate to diabetes care; national, regional or local chapter initiatives; leadership role in Diabetes Canada activities; and future plans of the individual to benefit diabetes education
  • Personal characteristics that make this applicant uniquely qualified for this distinction
  • A specific instance that highlights why you think the applicant should receive this award

Approval process

The decision to grant the award annually is at the discretion of the Awards Committee. The committee reserves the right to not grant the award in any given year if a suitable candidate is not identified. All decisions of the Awards Committee are final and not appealable.

Notification process

The recipient will be notified by the Director of Professional Development in sufficient time so they can arrange to attend the presentation ceremony at the Annual Diabetes Canada/CSEM Professional Conference.  All applicants will be notified of their application status.  Unsuccessful candidates are encouraged to re-submit their application for the following year


Online Application Form

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