How are the Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada updated and relevant to diabetes education?

It is a commitment of the Professional Section that the Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada is a living document, and that as continued research and innovation provide us with new tools, knowledge and evidence-based guidelines, that  an independent and peer review process is undertaken at appropriate intervals. The process used in the 2014 review of the Standards and the Standards Recognition Program (SRP) for diabetes education programs in Canada was done in light of the most current Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines, Accreditation Canada’s 2013 Q-Mentum Program Standards for Populations with Chronic Conditions and the Diabetes Canada Board of Director’s Vision 2020: Five-Year Strategic Plan. These documents served as impetus to the Review Committee to consider the ways in which the environment in which diabetes education is practiced has changed over the last twenty years, and in turn, how these changes have affected diabetes education practices.

Why do we have Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada?

Access to high-quality self-management education supported by an interprofessional health-care team with specialized knowledge of diabetes, current clinical practice guidelines and best practices has evidence for improvements in the wellness of the person living with diabetes and a decrease in utilization of the health system for ambulatory sensitive conditions. The right to this access is something that has been identified by diabetes associations and federations worldwide, including Diabetes Canada and our Diabetes Charter for Canada.

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