Revised and streamlined in 2014, the Diabetes Education Standards Recognition Program provides Diabetes Education Centre’s with a tool to undertake a self-assessment process with regard to structure, process and outcomes.

The program is to be used to improve services, as well as apply for national recognition from Diabetes Canada. The current Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada serve as the foundation for this self-assessment.


Participation in the Standards Recognition Program is a voluntary self-assessment process. This self-assessment program focuses on individuals with diabetes, their families and/or communities and:

  1. The impact or outcome at the end of the learning experience, both behavioural changes and client knowledge;
  2. How education is provided, or the process leading to the desired outcome; and,
  3. The organization and support services or structure that assist in providing care.

Each of these three categories has multiple standards, with examples of indicators for each Standard. Indicators are verifiable examples of how a standard can be met. Your Diabetes Education Centre may have other indicators that illustrate how you meet the standard, and the self-assessment documents in this program allow you to incorporate these indicators for each standard.

Data collection may be retrospective, up to 12 months prior to submitting the Diabetes Education Standards Recognition Program documents.

Benefits to your Diabetes Education Centre

By successfully completing the Recognition Program, your Diabetes Education Centre will:

  • Assess actions and effectiveness of care and services against the Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada;
  • Examine and plan to improve (where applicable) the quality of care and services provided, with the ultimate goal of improving the health of individuals with diabetes;
  • Earn peer and client recognition as a centre that provides Excellence of Care, which will be made visible by displaying in a public area the Recognition Certificate you will receive; and,
  • Earn public and professional recognition through the posting of your centre on Diabetes Canada’s website for the duration of the recognition period.

Length of Recognition Period

Recognition is granted for a maximum of five years, after which a Diabetes Education Centre may apply for renewal.

Annual Standards Recognition Program timeline

December 1: Last date to submit Notification of Intent to Apply for the Diabetes Education Standards Recognition Program, for the next February review.

February 1: Last date to submit a completed assessment to the Diabetes Educator Section, Diabetes Canada.

June 30: Recognition review response due from Review Team.

Details regarding the evaluation and submission process are outlined in Chapter 2 of the program manual. Please contact for any questions or concerns.

Supporting documents

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