2015 Recipient: Dr. David C.W. Lau

Dr. David Lau is currently Professor of Medicine, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology at the University of Calgary. He is the founder and President of Obesity Canada and, currently, President of the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons. He is a practicing endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes, obesity, and lipid disorders. His research interests include fat cell biology in health and obesity, development of insulin resistance in obesity and diabetes, and cellular mechanisms of diabetic vascular complications. He is also involved in population health and clinical research program in diabetes, obesity, and lipid disorders.

Dr. Lau has made various contributions to the diabetes community and the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) over the last 25 years. His first association with the CDA was as a recipient of a CDA Grant-In-Aid in 1984 and was later invited to serve as a CDA grant review panel member. He served as a medical advisor to the local CDA chapters and as a member of the National Advocacy Council (1990-1999). He was an active member of the Clinical & Scientific Section (C&SS) and served as councilor as well as Vice-Chair (Clinical) in the early 90s.

His most significant contribution has been his leadership as Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Diabetes (CJD). Under his leadership, the CJD, in 2013, received MEDLINE indexing by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, which is an important milestone and achievement for the CDA professional publication. As Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Lau was instrumental in increasing manuscript submissions 5-fold in 2012 and increased the impact factor 4-fold, from 0.494 to 2.0.

Dr. Lau has published over 150 scientific papers in peer-reviewed medical journals, periodicals, and books. He has received the Dean’s Letter of Excellence for undergraduate teaching at the University of Calgary and is a passionate educator who has lectured widely in Canada and globally to physicians and allied health professionals. In 2004, he was honored as one of the top 20 notable Calgarians and top 50 Albertans for his exemplary contributions to improving the health and care of Albertans.

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