Diabetes Educator of the Year

2011 Recipient: Michelle Corcoran BSc, BScN RD CDE

SPONSOR: Lifescan Canada Ltd $1,000.00

This award is presented to an active DES member in good standing who has demonstrated outstanding effort and achievement as a Diabetes Educator.

Honorary Lifetime Membership

2011 Recipients: Anna Brundage RN BHSc(N) CDE, Peggy Dunbar MEd PDt CDE, Marcia Frank RN MHSc CDE

SPONSOR: Diabetes Educator Section

The DES grants honorary lifetime membership to recognize active DES members whose longstanding excellence in practice and significant contributions have improved the quality of life for people affected by diabetes.

Outstanding DES Chapter of the Year

2011 Recipient: River Valley New Brunswick Chapter

SPONSOR: Pfizer Canada $1,000.00

This award recognizes a DES chapter that has demonstrated leadership and support of the goals of the DES and the CDA.

Graduate Scholarship

2011 Recipient:  Joanne McKay RD CDE

SPONSOR: Eli Lilly Canada Inc. $5,000.00

This scholarship is awarded to enable active DES members to pursue graduate or postgraduate studies in a diabetes-related field. 

Brian Dufton Memorial Manuscript Award

2011 Recipient:  Christopher A. Sheilds PhD

SPONSOR: Canadian Journal of Diabetes $1,000.00

This award recognizes an outstanding original manuscript published in the Canadian Journal of Diabetes.

Camp Educator Award

2011 Recipient:  Beverley Harris PDt CDE

SPONSOR: Abbott Diabetes Care $750.00

This award is presented to an active DES member who has shown commitment and dedication to helping children with type 1 diabetes experience summer camp.

Practical Diabetes Resource Award

2011 Recipient: Heather Nichol RN BScN MScN CDE

SPONSOR: Abbott Diabetes Care $750.00

On behalf of the 5 BC Health Authorities

This award is presented to active DES members who have developed a culturally sensitive educational tool for use in their practice.

Accu-Chek Public Service and Education Award

2011 Recipient: Donna Hagerty RN BEd CDE

SPONSOR: Roche Diagnostics $2,000.00

This award recognizes the efforts of active diabetes educators who have done exceptional work in promoting awareness of diabetes and who have developed programs to assist people living with diabetes.

Novo Nordisk Conference Scholarship Awards

2011 Recipients: Karen Davis RD CDE , Pamela Soley PDt CDE, Amy Leung Hui RD CDE Farah Ahmad RN CDE

SPONSOR: Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. $5,000.00

Scholarships of up to $1,000 each are offered to active DES members to attend the CDA/CSEM professional conference and annual meetings for professional development.

DES Length of Service Awards

Doreen Hatton RN BSN MSN – 20 Years

Arlene Kuntz BSP CDE – 15 Years

Sharon Young RN – 15 Years


The Diabetes Education Standards Recognition Program (SRP) grants recognition to Diabetes Education Centres that successfully meet the Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada (2005). Participation in the SRP is voluntary. Centres complete a self-evaluation tool, which is then submitted to the CDA/DES SRP Review Committee for consideration.

To attain recognition status, a Diabetes Education Centre must demonstrate achievement of a minimum of 80% of the Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada (2005) within each of the Outcome, Process and Structure categories. The DES would like to recognize the following Diabetes Education Centres who met the standards for diabetes education in 2011 and will continue to be recognized until 2016:

  • Youville Diabetes Centre
  • William Osler Health Centre Diabetes Education Centre
  • Grand Bend Area Community Health Centre Diabetes Education and Management
  • Seabird Island Diabetes Education Centre

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