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This webinar defines an appropriate role for SGLT-2 inhibitors in the multidimensional care of the patient with type 2 diabetes. The current generation of SGLT-2 inhibitor’s glycemic efficacy and safety, are compared by citing the latest available data in clinical trials 

Studies such as the CREDENCE study are discussed with the application of this research to a case-study example.

Presented by Dr. Harpreet Bajaj

Dr. Bajaj started his endocrinology practice with LMC Brampton in 2009. He is the Director of Late-phase research at LMC, a Research Associate at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto and an adjunct lecturer at McMaster University. His major interests lie in translation research focused on “real-life” practical approaches to improve standards of practice to reduce diabetes complications and cardiovascular risk factors. He volunteers with numerous community public health organizations and media programs with the intent of raising public awareness on diabetes prevention and treatment with a specific focus on the South Asian population in Canada.

The webinar was made possible through an educational grant from Janssen. 

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