Our guidelines help clarify the roles and responsibilities of students, parents and guardians, school personnel and health-care providers.

A supportive school environment is important for keeping students with diabetes safe and healthy

Parents and guardians expect children to be full and equal participants in all aspects of school life. However, for many children with diabetes, they are sometimes stigmatized, left out of a full school experience or placed in vulnerable circumstances.

To prevent long-term complications and emergency situations, students with diabetes must balance medication, including insulin, food and activity throughout the school day. With support from school personnel, most students can manage their diabetes independently. However, some students are unable to perform diabetes management tasks and may require someone to assist with or to administer insulin, monitor blood sugar, or supervise food intake and activity.

Every province and territory should establish clear standards of care that school boards can follow to ensure the safety, health and optimal education for students with diabetes.  Diabetes Canada offers practical Guidelines for the Care of Students Living with Diabetes at School and a position statement to help guide the development of clear and consistent diabetes policies across Canada.

Our position statement and guidelines help clarify the essential roles and responsibilities of for students, parents, school personnel and health-care providers, and promote a safe and inclusive environment for all students living with diabetes.

Join the movement to ensure that proper diabetes management is a priority in every school, in every province.

“I’ve heard stories of kids with diabetes who haven’t had support from their school. It makes me sad that not everyone has had the wonderful experience I’ve had.”

Paige Orser,
Regina, Saskatchewan

“Diabetes changes your school life, but once my teachers knew what to do, school continued for me as it would have for any kid.”

Sarah Struthers
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Diabetes@School Project

Diabetes@School is a national initiative developed by the Canadian Paediatric Society, in partnership with Diabetes Canada and the Canadian Pediatric Endocrine Group. The website features bilingual training resources for use by educators, school boards, and parents of children with diabetes. Topics include understanding blood sugars, food and insulin, physical activity and  type 1 diabetes, and communication between home and school. The site also features an Individual Care Plan template,  which details all aspects of a student’s diabetes care while at school.

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