Preventing and Managing Complications Webinars

Heart Health
(Recorded October 2017)

When you're living with diabetes, you're risk of developing heart disease increases. Learn how to keep your heart healthy with Dr. Paul Oh.

Mental Health and Mindfulness
(Recorded October 2017)

Managing diabetes can be stressful. Learn practical tips on how to manage stress and maintain a healthy mind with Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix

Taking Care of your Nervous System
(Recorded October 2017)

Preventing and managing complications of diabetes can be a challenge. Learn how to protect yourself from and manage nerve damage (also known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy) with Dr. Vera Bril

Your Eyes Matter
(Recorded October 2016)

Unsure of how to care for your eyes? Optometrist Dr. Bryan Friedmann explains the importance of caring for your eyes to prevent and manage diabetic retinopathy.

Don’t Let Diabetes Get You Down
(Recorded September 2015)

Feeling burdened or anxious, or struggling to find the motivation to manage your diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic disease that can lead to psychological distress. Join Dr. Michael Vallis in this webinar to get tips for overcoming these challenges so you can truly live well with diabetes.

Making Diabetes Complications Not So Complicated
(Recorded October 2015)

Join Dr. Jeremy Gilbert to learn about some of the common complications of diabetes and how to prevent them from developing.

Taking a Step Forward: Preventing & Managing Foot Problems
(Recorded March 2016)

Taking care of your feet is critical in diabetes management. In this webinar, chiropodist Teresa Salzmann talks about how footwear, physical activity and healthy eating can all contribute to maintaining healthy feet.

Diabetes, Sexual Health & You
(Recorded March 2016)

Sexual problems can be difficult to discuss. In this webinar, Dr. Adam Millar talks about how diabetes can affect your sexual health and the treatment options available.

Lows & Highs: Blood Glucose Control
(Recorded November 2016)

Need more insight on hyper and hypoglycemia? Join Celia Fredericks to learn tips and tricks on treating highs and lows.

Stress Less with Diabetes
(Recorded December 2016)

Learn how to overcome diabetes distress through mindful approaches with Gwen Morgan, registered social worker and Mindfulness Group Facilitator.

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