Physical Activity Webinars

Accidental Exercise
(Recorded May 2017)

Feeling like exercise is routine and boring? Join Jordan Cieciwa to learn how to make physical activity fun and adventurous in this webinar.

Why We Should Exercise
(Recorded June 2015)

In this engaging webinar, Dr. Jonathon Little and Sara Hodson provide scientific evidence supporting the benefits of physical activity, the reasons why exercise is beneficial for those living with diabetes, and demonstrate how to set goals that work for you.

Exercise Tips that Will Help You & Your Diabetes
(Recorded December 2015)

Learn practical information about the benefits of physical activity and diabetes management! Exercise physiologist Dr. Jonathon Fowles talks about how physical activity affects blood sugar, strategies to increase motivation and ways to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle.

The Exercise Solution
(Recorded September 2016)

Struggling to find exercises that fit your lifestyle? Professor Dr. Jonathan Little shares the top exercise tips to fit into your everyday routine.

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