Healthy Eating Webinars

Carb Counting Made Easy

(Recorded March 2018)

Heard the term carb counting and not sure what it is? It's an important tool in helping manage your blood glucose. Sarah Kolley teaches the basics of carb counting and how to easily implement it in your meal planning.

Curb Your Cravings

(Recorded March 2018)

Find that you're always reaching for your favourite snacks, knowing that it will affect your blood glucose level? Susan Watson will provide some simple steps to help you manage your cravings, while still allowing you to indulge in your favourite foods. 

Making the Most of Your Food Dollar

(Recorded June 2017)

Looking for ways to save while grocery shopping and meal planning? Jacklynn Humphrey teaches you how to make the most of your food dollar in this webinar.

Eating Smart to Manage Blood Glucose
(Recorded May 2017)

Living with diabetes and looking for affordable ways to eat healthy? Susan Watson, registered dietitian helps you learn the importance of balanced meals and guides you to make wise decisions for meal planning in this webinar.

What is glycemic index?
(Recorded December 2016)

Heard of the Glycemic Index (GI) and interested in learning more? Watch this webinar in which dietitian and certified diabetes educations Kathryn Arcudi discusses practical tips to easily incorporate the GI into meal planning in order to optimize your blood sugar control.

Holiday Survival Tips to Stay on Track with Diabetes
(Recorded December 2016)

Want to know how to enjoy your favourite dishes around the holidays while managing diabetes well? Sondra Sherman, dietitian and diabetes educator helps you stress less during the holiday season with great tips on managing your blood glucose well.

Is Sugar to Blame?
(Recorded February 2016)

The role of sugars in the development of diabetes and its related complications is complicated. In this webinar, Dr. John Sievenpiper talks about the relationship between sugar and diabetes, and how sugar from different food sources behaves.

Pulses: A New Superfood?
(Recorded March 2016)

In this webinar, certified diabetes educator Sarah Blunden talks about how a diet rich in pulses, such as dry beans and lentils, can help you better manage your diabetes.

How much is Enough?
(Recorded September 2016)

What is mindful eating and how much of each food group is enough? Registered dietitian Erin Krusky, explains how to be a mindful eater and provides tips on managing portion sizes.

Working the Glycemic Index into Meal Planning
(Recorded May 2015)

Did you know the glycemic index is a valuable tool to measure the impact of carbohydrate foods on blood sugar levels? Watch this webinar by Andrea Glenn to learn more about the glycemic index and meal planning.

Carbohydrate Counting – Ready, Set, Go!
(Recorded September 2015)

Interested in a different approach for meal planning to help manage your blood sugar levels? Learn all about carbohydrate (carb) counting, its advantages, and what you should discuss with your health-care team presented by nutritionist Meaghan Elger.

Diabetes & the Mediterranean Diet: Is It Right for You?
(Recorded November 2015)

Join Dr. Catherine Chan, professor in Human Nutrition and Physiology to learn about the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, why it’s a healthy way to eat, and how it can be adapted in Canada. Recipes will also be provided.

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