Diabetes 101: Cultural Adaptations Webinars

Aboriginal Perspective

(Recorded April 2017)

Interested in learning more about Aboriginal adaptations while living with diabetes? Kathleen Gibson helps us understand important concepts about diabetes through this webinar from an Aboriginal lens.

Chinese Perspective

(Recorded March 2017)

Dr. C.P. Lau provides information specific to the Chinese culture when it comes to eating healthy and staying active. Learn the best ways to prevent and manage living with diabetes through this webinar.

South Asian Perspective

(Recorded April 2017)

Looking for a greater understanding about diabetes from the South Asian Lens? Join Dr. Ally Prebtani as he speaks about the ABCDEs of diabetes and some modifications to eating styles from the South Asian perspective.

Ramadan and Diabetes

(Recorded May 2017)

Are your patients living with diabetes and are keen on participating in Ramadan festivities? Join Dr. Mohamed Hassanein and registered dietitian Vivian Ng to learn about the safety of fasting through Ramadan.

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