Diabetes 101 Webinars

Take Control: Simple Steps to Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

(Recorded March 2018)

Interested in learning more about healthy living to prevent or delay type 2 dibaetes? Mandy Megan Conyers Smith will teach you what you can do to minizmize your risk and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

All About Diabetes

(Recorded May 2015)

Recently diagnosed with diabetes? Have questions about managing your diabetes? Join registered nurse Lori Berard in this introductory webinar to find out who should be on your health-care team.

ABCDES of Diabetes

(Recorded May 2015)

People with diabetes are at very high risk of heart disease and stroke. Learn about the ABCDEs of protecting your heart (A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol, drugs, physical activity, smoking and stress) and living a healthy life with Dr. Peter Lin.

Strength in Numbers: Building Your Diabetes Team

(Recorded December 2015)

Want to know what you can do to live well with diabetes? Find out what you can do to improve your clinical outcomes and get tools to help you take charge of your diabetes with pharmacist Susie Jin.

Living with Diabetes: Getting & Giving Support

(Recorded November 2015)

Diabetes is a community affair. Those living with diabetes need support from those around them, and supporters need to know how best to help their loved one with diabetes. Certified diabetes educator and clinical nurse specialist Gail MacNeill provides tips on asking for and giving support to create lasting relationships

Stand Up for Your Diabetes Rights

(Recorded October 2015)

There are many ways you can become a diabetes advocate. Shawn Shepheard reviews how easy and fun it is to get started and hear about success stories from across the country.

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